Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to quickly wish everyone a Happy Easter! Unfortunately, I don't have a new chapter to share with you all yet! I know, it's so sad. Currently, I'm only on the 13th page. How sad is that? This chapter has ALOT of dialogue. So yeah, it's taking me longer... plus as I said previously, I've got alot of home improvement projects going on, as well as my daily habits. Is there enough time in the day? Not really. Haha. So yeah, I really wanted to update you all, since it's been what? like 10 days since the last release? Which still, by translator standards, really isn't too terrible. And as I've stated before, this is my guilty pleasure, as well as a learning experience for me. I'm really super thankful for all of the support you guys have given me, and I just have to say I am so glad I started doing this. So while I can't always give speedy releases, I'm still chipping away at it! I promise to get Chapter 50 out as soon as I physically and mentally can! So once again, Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Happy Easter! <3 Take your time quality over speed! And I hope your home improvement projects are going well :)

  2. Happy Easter!! Please take all the time you need. Just knowing that you are working on it is enough. =)

  3. Hi!, i'm a Mexican fan ^^.

    In Oresama teacher you are almost at the chapter in japan, so, can you consider translate the manga Dengeki Daisy?. The scanlation group is really really slow T_T... and there are raws and many chapters that are not translated.

    Please *.*'s my favorite manga T_T

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  5. Hello. (:

    Since you seem to do everything yourself (quite literally) and you happen to be very busy recently as well, I was wondering if you'd like some help? ^^; I'm a typesetter and I can clean the basic stuff but I'm not experienced enough to know how to redraw things, etc.

    I really hope I can help you out since I sincerely enjoy all your released for Oresama Teacher! \(≧///≦)/

    & herp derp. Please don't ignore me but instead e-mail me at ლ(ㅠ◇ㅠლ)

  6. Thanks for your hard work :) i'm glad someone is doing the series, i never expected someone to work as hard as you have and put out so many so quickly so i'm happy to wait