Monday, May 23, 2011

Coin Laundry no Onna Chapter 03

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I've been pretty busy this weekend. I decided to try working on Oresama Teacher in a different way. Usually what I do is I'll translate the entire chapter, then scan the pages, then clean, then typeset. This time I'm scanning, cleaning and then translating and typesetting each page one by one. I'm really not sure which is quicker.. anyhow, I'm on page 18 and there's like 31 pages in the chapter or something. So a little more than halfway through. I took a break from it today though and decided to bring out the next chapter of my new side project, Coin Laundry no Onna. I hope you guys are enjoying it. It seems a little silly, but it's a pretty fun series, don't you think? On another note, I've changed the blog permissions to let everyone comment (so you don't have to be a Google member or whatever). So feel free to say what you want! Just be nice! :P Oh! and before I forget... no one has said anything about it, but I just wanted to say, some people might think I'm misspelling the word Laundromat... I've been writing it as Laundry-mat. Although the way I'm writing it IS technically wrong, it's a regional thing. Some places call them Laundromat and other call it a Laundry-mat. So yeah... some might be a little confused, but there ya go. Anyhow, here's the next chapter of Coin Laundry no Onna!

Download Coin Laundry no Onna Chapter 03 Here!

ETA: Some people are saying they're having problems with the mediafire link, so here's a secondary source, just in case you're experiencing problems too...

Coin Laundry no Onna Chapter 03 Mirror Link.


  1. Just to let you know, mediafire is experiencing problems right now.

  2. Of course, you might just have to re-upload the chapter.

  3. Hmm, maybe it's just slow... i just checked and it seems to be working...

  4. Thanks for your hard work! And wanna to ask: how about Oresama Teacher side story? Somebody mentioned about it in comments once. And I have been thinking about it - how Mafuyu looked like when she was small? ^o^

  5. Yay, thanks~

    If you continue at this speed you will be done before I start reading the manga in english. Yes, I haven't started on it since I wanted this goodie all for myself after I got some vacation. Still a little over half a month before that happens but...this title makes it worth looking forwards to.

    Thanks as always and keep up the great work ;)

  6. Thanks a lot panda-san!!! Kyaaa~~~love the laundry owner..she's freaking hillarious and the way she escaped from the washing machine is... unhuman! lol