Friday, July 29, 2011


Volume 11 arrived in my mailbox today! Not sure when I'll be able to work on it yet, as this weekend we're remodeling our bathroom, but I'll try to work on it in bits and pieces. I did, however, quickly scan the cover, so I'm gonna tease you all with it! Bwahahaha!!!

Ahem, so now that I've teased you all, the next update will be with the next chapter! So exciting! :)


  1. Gah! You just had to put the cover on! Now I'm itching to know what's going to happen.

  2. Hahahaha xD teasing us like that,
    but I love to see how much the roses suit the Kaichou, unbelievable

    oh, remodeling the bathroom is a lot of work, we also went through it in the spring, when you put new colours on the wallsand ceiling, you have to be careful because of the steam and humidity when everyone is showering or bathing.

  3. such a pretty cover. this is definetly a series I'll consider purchasing if it's ever liscenced!

  4. New book. Now I am curious!

    - Soja

  5. Beautiful *-* Thanks a lot for translating Ore-sama Teacher, I love it! Hey, can I ask you something? How do you scan your raws? Do you cut off the pages or use another way? Because I have some mangas I would like to scan, but I don't want to destroy them TT_TT