Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Regarding the poll: Raws

I've had several inquiries about what kind of quality I'm referring to when I say "low quality", so I'm going to clarify it with this post. They are raws (in Japanese, of course) found on Baidu. I've posted a comparison below of the baidu raws with my raws so you guys can get a better idea of the change. Also, the poll is almost neck in neck with a margin difference in only 7 votes. So I'm going to reset the poll (keeping the old poll in mind). With the votes being so close, it's really hard to make a decision! lol. Anyhow, I really do appreciate your input on this!

Baidu Raw                                       Pandascans Raw

Oresama Teacher Chapter 59

Long time no see! I'm so sorry this took so long to get out. As you all know, I went on vacation, and I couldn't finish the chapter before I left. After I got home, we got news to expect Hurricane Irene. So we spent some time getting back to normal before the storm, only to have to prepare for disaster. Haha. What a week. Now that the storm has blown over and things are settling down, I can finally bring you another chapter of Oresama Teacher. So yea, sorry it took so long, but here it is!

Download Oresama Teacher Chapter 59 Here!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A couple of things...

Hey there pandas! I've got a couple of things I wanted to mention today. First, I've added a poll over on the side. I want to know (after volume 11), which Raws do you guys want me to use? Low quality scans from the net (means faster releases) versus waiting until November for Volume 12 to come out. I need your input on this! Secondly, I've added an FAQ. Nothing fancy. Third, I will be going on vacation next weekend and won't have any internet access. This also means I won't be able to work on Oresama Teacher while I'm gone, so y'all have to be patient until I get back. I AM, however, currently working on chapter 59, and if I can, I'll try to release it before Friday. I'm only on page 9 though, so I can't guarantee anything. If it's not released by Friday, it'll have to wait until I get back. But I'll really try to get it done in between getting ready to leave for vacation. And fourthly, I'm releasing Volume 10 RAWS. Now that Volume 10 is complete, for those that prefer/speak/read Japanese, this is for you. If anyone wants to use these raws, please please give credit where it's due. Thanks!

Download Oresama Teacher Volume 10 RAW.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oresama Teacher Chapter 58

At last, it's the start of a new volume! I've been anxious and excited to start working on Volume 11, and I've finally gotten Chapter 58 done! It's a pretty cute chapter, let me say. Usa-chan man makes another comeback! Hehe. Enjoy!

Download Oresama Teacher Chapter 58 Here!