Saturday, August 6, 2011

A couple of things...

Hey there pandas! I've got a couple of things I wanted to mention today. First, I've added a poll over on the side. I want to know (after volume 11), which Raws do you guys want me to use? Low quality scans from the net (means faster releases) versus waiting until November for Volume 12 to come out. I need your input on this! Secondly, I've added an FAQ. Nothing fancy. Third, I will be going on vacation next weekend and won't have any internet access. This also means I won't be able to work on Oresama Teacher while I'm gone, so y'all have to be patient until I get back. I AM, however, currently working on chapter 59, and if I can, I'll try to release it before Friday. I'm only on page 9 though, so I can't guarantee anything. If it's not released by Friday, it'll have to wait until I get back. But I'll really try to get it done in between getting ready to leave for vacation. And fourthly, I'm releasing Volume 10 RAWS. Now that Volume 10 is complete, for those that prefer/speak/read Japanese, this is for you. If anyone wants to use these raws, please please give credit where it's due. Thanks!

Download Oresama Teacher Volume 10 RAW.


  1. Hi, I recently downloaded your releases of Oresama Teacher and i wanted to say thanks but also bring up something.
    In the files I downloaded, some pages were missing:
    ch 28, page 28 was corrupted [might have been a problem with my download, I'm not too sure how things like that work] and page 29 was missing from the .rar file [I ended up getting these from batoto but I thought you might want to reupload the chapter if it's a fault on your end]
    ch 34 goes from 34_12 straight to 34_14 [so either it was misnamed or pg13 is missing, somebody else also brought this up in the comments for the release. This page wasn't on batoto either]
    The other ones are all fine. Sorry if I come off as unappreciative, that's really not the case. On the contrary, I see on this blog that you released these chapters in two days. I've only ever seen speed like that with one other scanlator.

    With relation to this particular blog, would it be possible for us to have a comparison between the LQ net raws and higher Q volume raws using some previous volume?

  2. Yeah I also wanted to know how the LQ scans looked cuz i probably won't mind the LQ as long as you can still make out the picture

  3. LQ! if u wait for the release, you'll be like sakura-shards. dun worry about the HQ, they're workin on it! :thanks for the hard work!

  4. low quality please. i can't wait to know what happens next. thank you for scanlating this manga!!

  5. waa~ low quality is fine. As for the low quality, are you referring to the baidu scan? Though, it doesn't really matter.

    Thank you so much for scanlating Oresama Teacher! I'm so excited for Vol 11! I love Ayabe! <3

    Ps: Thank you for the RAW scans of Vol 10!!

  6. Hello there,

    Thank you really much for translating this awesome manga! Me who can't read Japanese just can't stop my tears~

    Is it just me, or the way the characters address each other is changing?

    Kurosaki, Yui, Saeki > Hayasaka >> Hayasaka
    Hayasaka, Yui > Kurosaki >> Kurosaki
    Saeki > Kurosaki >> Mafuyu
    Kurosaki, Yui > Saeki >> Takaomi-kun
    Yui > Student Council President >> Is it Young Master or Miyabi-sama?
    Kurosaki and others from Midorigaoka High > Okegawa >> Banchou
    Maizono, Kangawa, and others from Nishi High > Kurosaki >> Mafuyu-san
    Yui > Houjou >> Houjou
    Houjou > Yui >> Yui
    Kurosaki > Yui >> Shinobu-kun (or is it Ninja/Shinobi-kun?)

    Btw I support Yui and Houjou, teehee~
    Thank you in advance!