Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recruiting Translators!

The time has finally come! I'm asking for help! (OMG!). I'm currently recruiting Japanese > English translators for Coin Laundry no Onna and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I'm keeping Oresama Teacher as a solo project for now. I just need help with the other two manga. If you have experience, time, and want to help, please email me at


  1. >.< wish I could help but I currently have no talent in those subjects and I have been advised by, I would assume, knowledgeable people that I'm a crappy QC and editor.

    But I can still give youa thumbs up, there doin it right now as hard as I can.

  2. Although I'd like to help a bit, my Japanese is very limited. It gets worse if there's kanji and no furigana. ><

    By the way, any idea why the hell Blogspot keeps telling me it can't verify my OpedID credentials even though I'm using my LJ account to post here?

  3. NO idea... but it's been pretty wonky for a couple days.

  4. How about doing a collab with other Scanlators? :)

  5. I'm team laeder of Best Friends Forever, and I want to translate Oresama Teacher and Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun into Vietnamsese. Can you agree?

  6. i want to help but i have no talent in translating jap -> english..
    but i could be a proofreader!
    email me if in case you need a proofreader:

    i'm willing to help.