Monday, October 22, 2012

Still alive... still working on it.

I know there's been alot of concern.  I'm so sorry for not putting out anything new.  I've been super super busy.  My parents came to visit from across the country for a month, so that pretty much took up all my time, and then as soon as they left I started getting to work on my daughter and husband's Halloween costumes.  Then last week I was in a small car accident (no one hurt, but a motorcycle hit the back of my car), so I've been dealing with that.

As far as progress goes, I've managed to get chapters 84 and 85 physically scanned.  I've been working on cleaning them and whatnot.  I've got about 1/3 of chapter 84 translated.  So that's where things stand right now.  I'm really trying to put more time into translating, I've just been soooooooooo busy!  But fear not, I'm still working on it!

Also, on a little side note, the author of Oresama Teacher took a small hiatus during the summer, so there weren't any new chapters for a while there.  They started to pick back up in September.  In October, there was only 1 chapter published (as a matter of fact, it was 2 days ago).  Not sure what's up with the slow publishing or if she's just taking a small break or cutting back chapters or what... but I just wanted to let you guys know, so you didn't think we're terribly behind the Japanese releases or anything.  I think we're only like 4 or 5 chapters behind (I can't remember off the top of my head at the moment).

So yeah, there you go.  Happy fall, everyone.