Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Welcome to the year of the snake!  How were your holidays?  Mine were sooooooo busy, but sooooooo much fun!  My daughter (who is 4 years old now) was THRILLED when she saw Santa Claus had come and ate the cookies we left out for him.  And of course, seeing the presents he left was even more thrilling.  Hehe.  Although it was very busy, I enjoyed the time with my family.  I hope you guys did too!

Just wanted to make a quick post to wish you all happiness and health for 2013.  I've been working on the next chapter of OT most of the day today, and I've gotten about half way through the translations.  I'm crossing my fingers I can bust it out in the next couple of days.

This month also marks my 2 year anniversary with translating Oresama Teacher.  I can hardly believe it.  I set out to use this series as a tool to help me be more proficient in a new language, and it's been a great ride so far!  You fans have really made it worth the effort to keep going, even for the sake of reading such a hilarious series! 

Lots of great things are to come in 2013, I'm certain of it!


  1. Happy New Year, Andy-san!
    I wish you all the best in 2013 as well and thank you so much for the Oresama Teacher releases that you've done so far <3

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Congratulations on two years! I love the work and really appreciate your dedication in giving us awesome Oresama Teacher scanlations, with some bonuses on the side. Hope you have a great year!

  3. thankyou for your hard work! I really appreciate what you do. I have all the books (or I have preordered the ones available), but I love keeping up to date!

  4. Happy New Year to you too!!

    thank you for you're hard work, i look forward to reading OT and to what Mafuyu has in store for us next!

    Honto Arigatou! (^_^)

  5. Happy new year and congratulations ♥
    Thank you so much for these 2 years, you're awesome!

  6. Wow~ already 2 years huh,all that hardwork =w=
    Let's hope for another great year then :D