Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oresama Teacher Chapter 89

It's the start of a new arc, and an interesting one at that! Now that the school excursion has come to an end, it's time to get back to the bet between Takaomi-kun and the school chairman. What will the Student Council have in store for Mafuyu and the Disciplinary club?

Download Oresama Teacher Chapter 89 Here!


  1. thank you so much :D

  2. Thanks for the release... looking forward to the next chapter. God bless you!

  3. You really should look into getting someone to simply proofread your work beforehand. It's very awkward reading these chapters. The tone is just off, and it really does not read like natural English.

  4. Thank you so muuuuch ♥

  5. Arigatou gozaimasu~ *bow

  6. Thankyou for yout hard work!

    hey rude anonymous - if it bothers you that much, OFFER to help. Someone is generously donating their time and effort, and money - it costs money to buy the books. If you don't like it don't read it.

    as for me - I really want this story line to be good! The last one dragged a little... but maybe when I have it in volume form it will be faster ^_^ (mind you, I said that about the Cain arc in skipbeat too....)

    and in other news: If you would like a proof reader, I am willing to volunteer.

  7. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!
    as for the proofreader thing, it's hard to translate this manga into proper english because it contains a lot of puns and jokes revolve around Japan (duh)
    as for the anon who said to get the chapter "corrected" by some proofread first before releasing, I don't think that's going to work because if someone who doesn't know any japanese steps in, sure the english will not seem "off" but it will still be awkward and confusing because the jokes don't get through. The original meaning intended might suffer.
    My suggestion is, look for someone who actually know some Japanese and make them be the Translation/Quality Checker (or a PR with good english fluency PLUS can read japanese to work on the J->E and E->E translations.)
    I'm sure with more japanese-speaking people the translations produced by Panda Scans will improve. But regardless, your hardwork's really appreciated.

  8. Thank you again! Always so happy to see a new Oresama Teacher chapter: my favorite manga. I thinks it's nice to keep the Japanesisms in there because manga is a little window into a fun aspect of another culture. I know from translating other languages that sometimes words can have multiple meanings which is fine if you are a native speaker and a real challenge if you are not. So thanks Andy 'cos its not easy working out humorous colloquial language! My gripe is with the author - I want to see more of Takaomi as Mafuyu's neighbour... well more Takaomi will do...