Saturday, March 30, 2013

Future Project Preview: Crow in the Starry Sky

Good morning pandas! After months of debating with myself, I've decided to pick up another side project. I first came across this series in a July issue of Hana to Yume, and it's pretty much stuck in my mind. The series is called Hoshizora no Karasu, AKA Crow in the Starry Sky. I've decided to share a one page color preview from that issue just for fun! ^.^

The series is about a young girl named Karasuma Waka, who was taught how to play Go by her grandfather. Unfortunate events occur and her mother wishes for Waka to never play Go. One day Waka meets a young pro Go player, Sagisaka Souji, which sets her on the path of playing Go professionally.

Go is something I've personally been attracted to since the series Hikaru no Go. If you haven't read that series, or seen the anime adaptation, I highly recommend it.

The first chapter of this series isn't quite ready yet, hence the preview. The first chapter is a whopping 62 pages, and including the color pages from the hana to yume issue, it's even more, lol. So yea, I'm like only halfway through the translations. But it's enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to releasing this project in the future!


  1. Oooh I'm a die-hard fan of Hikaru no Go, so this sounds promising already! Thank you for picking up the series, Andy! I look forward to seeing this come out~

  2. Thanks a lot for picking this up!
    I was really interested to read this after seeing it on the hana to yume blog so it's such a great news to me that you're going to be scanlating the series! <3 Keep up the awesome work, Andy-san! *o*

    And oh, speaking of series in Hana to Yume, it seems that Ojikoi has been serialized in the main Hana to Yume magazine although I don't know if it's the same chapter, side-story, or maybe a continuation from HtY online~

  3. Oh wow. Sounds great! Can't wait to read it~! :D

  4. Yay! A new release! Can't wait! Thank you!!!

  5. who's the Arthur? the art looks so familiar. :)