Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oresama Teacher Chapter 93

Bet you guys weren't expecting the next chapter so soon! Hehe.  Surprise!

This chapter also has alot of excitement!  Chapter 94 was released in Japan today, so we're pretty close to them.  I wanted to get this chapter out ASAP, because unfortunately, I'm getting sick.  My daughter was sick all this week, and now I've finally gotten it.  So I know I'm gonna be down and out for at least a few days (boo!).  I didn't want to leave the chapter half finished and then come back after being sick and have everything discombobulated.

Anyhow, the cover of this issue of Hana to Yume was Oresama Teacher.  And inside was a 2 page spread of the character (popularity) rankings.  In case you can't tell, here they are:
1st: Kurosaki Mafuyu; 7576 points
2nd: Kenkawa Kouhei; 4454 points
3rd: Ayabe Reito; 3159 points
4th: Okegawa Kyoutaro; 3022 points
5th: Hayasaka-kun; 2423 points
6th: Saeki Takaomi; 2097 points
7th: Maizono Yuuto; 1595 points
8th: Shinobu Yui; 755 points
9th: Sakurada Asahi; 711 points
10th: Shibuya Aki; 476 points
11th: Ookubo Kotobuki; 438 points.
12th: Yokioka Komari; 318 points.
13th: Kawauchi Tomohiro; 305 points.
14th: Nonoguchi Kanon; 289 points.
15th: Kenkawa Minato; 173 points.
16th: Houjou Wakana; 136 points.
17th: Yamashita Takumi; 133 points.
18th: Nekomata-san; 108 points.
19th: Hanabusa Miyabi; 88 points.
20th: Gotou Daikichi; 62 points.

And now,
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