Friday, March 1, 2013

Oresama Teacher Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway!  I had over 150 entries!  It was great to see the Oresama love and to read all of your comments!  Yesterday was the end of the contest, and as promised I randomly picked a number and chose the winner!

Congratulations goes to Tia S. from Florida!  She is the new owner of Oresama Teacher Volume 15!

Once again, thank you everyone for participating!


  1. Congrats to the winner and thanks Andy-san for hosting the giveaway! (:

  2. Congratulations!


  3. Hooray! Congratulations to the Floridian :'D

  4. Thank you so much for holding this contest!! I'm so grateful. The volume is sitting along my English language collection (volume 13 getting here Saturday!). This is truly my favorite manga. Thank you again so much panda scans!